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Euterpa Studios is an online concept designed to help artists finalize their music with the best possible quality.

It was created by Nelson Leeroy, French-American record producer and multi-platinum sound engineer. Nelson studied music at the conservatory in Marseille and is currently pursuing a career as a DJ/producer.

He is also co-founder of the renowned Soul Spirit Studio and has collaborated with hundreds of artists, both independent and signed to major record labels.


Years of experience


Diamond records


platinum records


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"The best sound ever!"

Nelson Leeroy’s talent is comparable to that of the best engineers and producers I work with in Los Angeles, New York, London or Toronto.

Sean Hosein #1 U.S Billboard chart & Grammy-Award Winning Songwriter / Composer (Jessica Simpson, Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child, The Corrs, Laura Pausini..)

"Among the best"

As a composer for film and TV, I have worked in the biggest studios in the world. I can say without a doubt that Nelson Leeroy’s technical skills and professionalism are of a very high level.

Jim Guttridge

X10 Platinum, Tv & Grammy Award Winning Composer
(La Belle et la bête, Just Married, Riverworld, The X-Files…


"With Nelson, it sounds!"

Very satisfied with our first studio session with Nelson Leeroy, we decided with my manager to entrust him with my future projects as well as those of the label! 3 years of almost exclusive collaboration that gave birth to our first triple platinum-certified album…

Multiple Time #1 Best Seller Records in France