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Some Companies

To Whom Is Euterpa Studios?

Although I had the pleasure during my 28-year career, working with renowned companies and artists.

I put my experience here at the service of all artists, beginners or professionals as long as they are serious in their approach and believe in their talent enough to invest the time, energy and money necessary for the success of their artistic project

So, if you’re one of them, you can contact me.

Some Artists

Wes Anderson, Barbara Hendricks, Stephen Fry (BBC), Leee John (Imagination), SopranoJeff Lindsay (Dexter)Sean Hosein (Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child),  James Guttridge (La belle et la bête), Terry Gross  (WHYY-FM), Roman Coppola, Carole de Lys & Wayne Vaughn (Earth Wind & Fire, The Brothers Johnson),  Titoff, Armelle Deutsch GoldfishAmanda Lear, Mark Lower (Nervous Records), Patrick Chesnais, Jean-Michel Bernard (Ray Charles, Lalo Schifrin), François Berléand (Le Transporteur),  Jeff Domenech, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Claude Brasseur, Diam’s, Le Rat Luciano / Sat (Fonky Family), Akhenaton, Shurik’ N, Faf Larage & Damiani, Levon Minassian (Sting, Peter Gabriel), Akram Sedkaoui, Keny Arkana, Melissa M, Kenza Farah, Psy4 De La Rime, Nathalie Simon, Cali, Rolland Courbis, Patrick Bosso, Valerie Begue, Cyril Lecomte, Mani Hesam, Henri Quinson, et bien d’autres…

How to choose a studio

Generally speaking, when you want to work with someone and have a good surprise, the questions to ask are; 

What are his references? Who trusts him?

The artistic part may be suggestive and dependent on the tastes of each, but the technical part always meets precise standards.

I’ve known a lot of beginner artists who think that all the studios were worth. So, they trusted studios without references, therefore amateurs.

They promised them a big sound, often for cheap, but delivered a simple improved demo, far from the standards of a finished product.


In the end it costs more because we often have to redo everything properly…

musical styles

I have worked in a wide genre of styles; 
Dance, House, Funk, Hip-hop, Soul, Pop, Rock, Classical, Jazz… 

And today I have a predilection for electronic music, but don’t hesitate to contact me to find out if I can help you in your style…